Combat! blog flies through air, faces deadlines, panics

When we woke up at 4:30 this morning, Combat! blog had a fun plan to write about Judson Phillips, head of Tea Party Nation, and how yesterday he called for the death of Wikileaks guy Julian Assange. Since then, though, everything has gone haywire, except for the economic system in whose participation I have enjoined myself to meet a ton of deadlines today, most of which remain unmet. We’ll be back tomorrow, extremely relieved. Until then, I dunno, think about your family or something.

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  1. Think about how far we are willing to let individuals go, in the name of profit (including politicians here), before we start thinking sedition (which might include calling for the violent overthrow of America, recent candidates?) and treason (which might well include selling or giving away information dealing with national security).

    Do we have limits?

  2. Everybody in that picture is so enraged (except that guy in the gray coat up front… he’s just thrilled to be photographed).

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