Friday links! Simper at the devil edition

"So then I took out a full-page ad in the Times saying they should get the chair."

“So then I took out a full-page ad in the Times saying they should get the chair.”

I don’t mean to overgeneralize, but everyone is shit. The Ivy League warmongers are in a tight race with the uneducated racists, and everyone who ought to know and/or do better is busy pandering to what segment of those audiences they imagine most lucrative. Also it’s leaf blower season, and nobody signals their turns anymore. Sometimes a small sample of unrelated events starts to seem like the end of civilization as we know it—or at least civilization as we like it—and the best thing to do with that feeling is to get it out of your system. Today is Friday, and H.L. Mencken was right: These dickcharmers are going to outlive us all. Won’t you yell through the windshield with me?

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Is this ironic? Is it racist?


There are two Chael Sonnens. One is the Division 1 all-American wrestler and mixed martial arts journeyman who established a solid if unspectacular career in the middle years of the UFC. The other Chael Sonnen is the self-proclaimed “gangster from West Linn, Oregon,” a bombastic and periodically offensive middleweight who made his own belt and generally presents himself as a heel. One of these Chael Sonnens is fake, kind of. He’s the one who went on SportsCenter and asked to touch a black woman’s hair. That’s racist, but in the context of Sonnen’s cultivated image, is it ironic? Does that make it okay?

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