Dan Brooks writes essays, journalism, fiction, screenplays and handsome copy on a freelance basis. His work has appeared in The New York Times and the Missoula Independent. He lives in Montana with his bicycle.

  • Society of Professional Journalists Northwest Excellence in Journalism Award — First Place: Editorial and Commentary — 2013
  • Montana Newspaper Association Award — Third Place: Column — 2013
  • Montana Newspaper Association Award — Best Column — 2012
  • Missouri Review Editor’s Prize — Runner-Up: Fiction — 2005


  1. Enjoyed your piece on music in NYT mag. I feel much the same way. One of the few times I get satisfaction these days is when my favorite radio station, WXPN in Philly, has a countdown of some sort and my faves don’t get higher than the 20s, or maybe the teens. Also, maybe it’s just me, but I also find I can’t delve as deeply into the many of the newer records by my old faves. Many of those old records, I can listen to, from start to finish, again and again. Newer stuff? Meh…

  2. I just read the “streaming music has left me adrift” piece too and looked you up wanting to read more from you.
    Youn nailed it man.

  3. Dan:
    Hope you’re on the road to recovery. I served on the 2010 and 2000 Districting Commission. I sent a piece to the Independent on my take on the Dudik/Marbut race. If you haven’t seen it. Send me an email and I’ll get you a copy.
    Joe Lamson

  4. Hey, Dan,
    Great article in last week’s Independent!
    Have you caught up with Naomi Kline’s latest book, “This Changes Everything”?
    Wonder how we could get her to speak in Missoula.
    Thanks for speaking the truth. Keep up the good work! And hope your healing is quick and easy.

    Laura Craig

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