Dan Brooks writes essays, journalism, fiction, screenplays and handsome copy on a freelance basis. His work has appeared in The New York Times and the Missoula Independent. He lives in Montana with his bicycle.

  • Society of Professional Journalists Northwest Excellence in Journalism Award — First Place: Editorial and Commentary — 2013
  • Montana Newspaper Association Award — Third Place: Column — 2013
  • Montana Newspaper Association Award — Best Column — 2012
  • Missouri Review Editor’s Prize — Runner-Up: Fiction — 2005


  1. Enjoyed your piece on music in NYT mag. I feel much the same way. One of the few times I get satisfaction these days is when my favorite radio station, WXPN in Philly, has a countdown of some sort and my faves don’t get higher than the 20s, or maybe the teens. Also, maybe it’s just me, but I also find I can’t delve as deeply into the many of the newer records by my old faves. Many of those old records, I can listen to, from start to finish, again and again. Newer stuff? Meh…

  2. I just read the “streaming music has left me adrift” piece too and looked you up wanting to read more from you.
    Youn nailed it man.

  3. Dan:
    Hope you’re on the road to recovery. I served on the 2010 and 2000 Districting Commission. I sent a piece to the Independent on my take on the Dudik/Marbut race. If you haven’t seen it. Send me an email and I’ll get you a copy.
    Joe Lamson

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